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Tonight at Shadowbox, and Tomorrow at the Bazaar…

May is shaping up to be a great month for local music and live events, so take notice!


Cinemania + Behind The Glass (A Short Film
Shadowbox Cinema @ 8pm
All Ages; $5

This documentary about the culture of intense cinephilia in New York City reveals the impassioned world of five obsessed movie buffs. The filmmakers expose this delightfully deranged cult by capturing the daily lives of its members. Interviews in movie houses, on the street and in the homes of the subjects tell the story of each individual. Many cannot hold a job, or choose not to. All of them have demoted the importance of the real world, giving all of their attention to the fantasy world of the movies. These human encyclopedias of cinema see two to five films a day, and from 600 to 2,000 films per year. (From IMDB.com)


Oakroot, Betty Rats (TN), John Barry Conception & John Pence
The Bazaar@ 8pm
All Ages; $5

Check out the trailer for Cinemania after the jump!

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What we got: Bazaar vs. Shadowbox tomorrow night! (Well, not really. But still awesome)


I Need That Record! (Brought to you by Bazaar Consignments)
Shadowbox Cinema @ 8pm
All Ages; $5

Highly recommend you check this out and support your local vinyl store AND indie cinema house at the same time. From the film’s homepage:

Guerilla filmmaker Brendan Toller unleashes “I NEED THAT RECORD! THE DEATH (OR POSSIBLE SURVIVAL) OF THE INDEPENDENT RECORD STORE,” a documentary feature examining why over 3000 independent record stores have closed across the U.S. in the past decade.

Greedy record labels, media consolidation, homogenized radio, big box stores, Ecommerce, shoddy “stars” pushed by big money, and the digital revolution all pose threats on the very well being of our favorite record stores and the music industry at large. Will these stores die? Will they survive?

Featuring- THURSTON MOORE of Sonic Youth, IAN MACKAYE of Dischord Records Fugazi/Minor Threat, activist/author NOAM CHOMSKY, MIKE WATT of the Minutemen, LENNY KAYE guitarist of the Patti Smith Group, CHRIS FRANTZ of the Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club, guitar composer GLENN BRANCA, PATTERSON HOOD of Drive-By Truckers, PAT CARNEY of the Black Keys, punk author LEGS MCNEIL, rock photographer BOB GRUEN, BP HELIUM guitarist from Of Montreal, and many indie record stores across the U.S. of A!

Check out the trailer after the jump:

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Tomorrow at Shadowbox…


A Bucket of Blood (Brought To You By Pop’s Ice Cream)
Shadowbox Cinema @ 8pm
All Ages; $5

Bazaar Shows This Week & Shadowbox Grand Opening!

Quite a few events going on this week, so take notes!


Andrew Cullop, Just Marshall & Sharayah Spears
The Bazaar @ 8:00pm
All Ages; $3


Billy Wallace & Nick Coward
The Bazaar @ 9:00pm
All Ages; $5


Shadowbox Grand Opening w/The Big Lebowski
22 Kirk Ave. @ 7:00pm
For Mature Audiences; $10