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Weekend Post: Scenic Recovery Presents….!

Get ready to start seeing these around town folks. We dreamed up this gig, and we’re proud to make it happen at the Bazaar this month.

Special Thanks to John Brill for his fontastic *ahem* design. ^_^

Weekend Post: Bazaar, Happy’s, and Harding St. Music Review!

Hope your weekend’s off to a good start. Perhaps we can make a few suggestions to liven it up a bit?


Amanda Bocchi & The Situationist
The Bazaar @ 9pm
All Ages; $3


3 Am Friday, Turbo P, Grass Monkey, Friend fights Friend
Happys Flea Market @ 6pm
All Ages; $5

Finally, we’re ready to premiere our 2nd music review on the Harding St. label! Check our Music Review page out to find it.

Happy weekend!


Eternal Summers review on Cokemachineglow

Hello, readers.
Since last week was pretty slow, we decided not to post anything. This week, we’re going to make up for that absence…hope you didn’t miss us too much!

Indie webzine Cokemachineglow posted a pretty good review of the Eternal Summers EP, and we thought we’d share it with you.

“Hailing from Roanoke, Virginia, the band achieves the rare feat of making simple music that doesn’t make a spectacle of its own simplicity. For example, behold “Fall Straight Back,” a truly wonderful pop song made from the humblest materials, a macaroni necklace that glistens like a strand of diamonds. Backed by a couple of dutifully strummed power chords and a simple, steady beat, Nicole Yun leads the way to a chorus that pleads, heartbreakingly, ‘Please don’t leave me out of your plans.’ Yun’s vocals are a versatile instrument, pivoting from ethereal falsetto (“Loaded One”), to sassy staccato (“Heart Squeeze”), to, best of all, this wholehearted, head-thrown-back wail she showcases on ‘Fall Straight Back’ and ‘I Must Winter.’ And then there’s ‘Able To’ in all its glory: a chorus of unadorned imperatives (“Now is the time to distinguish yourself from previous ways that you have been living / Now is the time to relinquish yourself to future ways of precious forgiving”) followed by verses that ask, repeatedly, in intonations that vary ever-so-slightly, until you finally get the point, ‘Are you able to? / Are you? / Able? / To?’ This is a song that wants to cut the bullshit and ask you something very directly; it would use your first name if it could find a way to know it.”

Here’s the link to the article…enjoy!


Athens meets Roanoke @ The Bazaar This Friday + Pics from the Eternal Summers/Reading Rainbow Show


The Visitations (Athens, GA)
w/Deral Fenderson & The Bastards of Fate
The Bazaar @ 9 pm
All Ages; $5

Last week we had the stylings of Athens bands Werewolves and Eureka California….this week The Visitations are, er, stopping by to grace us with their presence.

After the jump, we’ve got some pics from the Eternal Summers/Reading Rainbow show. Take a look, won’t you?

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R.I.P Mark Linkous aka Sparklehorse

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Weekend Post: Show at Happy’s, and our New Facebook Page!

Good morning, folks.

First, I wanted to let you know that if you weren’t here last night at the Bazaar, You. Missed. OUT. Big Ups to the Zionic Media folks and Turbo P for an awesome show. Pictures to come soon…

Second, as you can see above, there’s going to be a show tomorrow night at Happy’s. Charles Cullen, Thresher, Fish Stick & Chicken Wing, and DJ Zionic. Five Dollars, 6:00.

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that we have just created a Facebook page. This page will be used mostly to show blog posts, but occasionally we might do a little something special with it. Here’s the link.

So, see you guys around!

Just in case you forgot…(tomorrow’s show at the Bazaar)

We’re here to remind you. ^_^

Bassinine (formerly known as Beatlesss).
Children of the Star.
And Roanoke’s own Turbo P.
The Bazaar @ 9pm (This show is VERY likely to sell out; the Bazaar is a small venue so make sure you get there ON TIME or don’t bother coming!
All Ages; $5

Classic Turbo P material after the jump.

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