Music Review: Eternal Summers EP

While Eternal Summers are recovering from SXSW, we at Scenic Recovery wanted to do a quick review of the band’s reissued EP on Chimney Sweep Records.

Eternal Summers – Self-Titled EP
10″ Vinyl, Reissued on Chimney Sweep Records (Originally released on Magic Twig)

Although clocking in at under half-an-hour, the reissued Eternal Summers EP is one of our favorite local records so far. The combination of Nicole Hirschmann’s sing-shout vocals and reverb-heavy guitar style, along with Daniel Cundiff’s frantic-yet-precise drumming, makes for some of the catchiest indie-pop since Galaxie 500 hooked up with Kramer in the late 80’s. We recommend starting out with “Fall Straight Back”, the unofficial single “Able To” and “I Must Winter”.

1.Loaded One
2.Fall Straight Back
3.Able To
4.I Must Winter
5.In The Beginning
6.Heart Squeeze

This EP is currently available for purchase at Bazaar Consignments, or at Chimney Sweep Records’ Online Store. You can preview tracks at the band’s MySpace page, or at

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