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Fever to Sing 2010 is Here! (EDIT: Actually it’s not, but will be soon!)

~3/26/2010 – 3/28/2010~
Fever To Sing Festival
Multiple Venues; Blacksburg,VA
Weekend Tickets $25

This weekend kicks off Fever To Sing, a DIY Blacksburg music festival that has been active since 2005. Many of Roanoke’s best local acts and musicians will be playing this year, so be sure to head over if you can make it!

(Sorry, had a bit of a time lapse there…Fever to Sing is actually NEXT weekend, not this one. We apologize for the mistake, and will make sure that Lance looks at a calendar before making post about important local events. -SR)

From the festival goals page:

The kind of media attention Virginia Tech and Blacksburg has been getting over the past couple of years is NOT all there is to this area, we’d like to be known as a peaceful and positive fun arts destination. We’d like to promote underground arts and music in the area, the quality kind of work that never gets enough attention due to lack of exposure by linking them and giving them opportunities to network with established nationally touring bands who will also be playing the festival.

For the Festival Schedule, click here.