New Music in 2010, Part Deux

Can you believe it’s already March? Well, in case you can’t, how about this: it’s been two months since the rather popular post I made on new music releases. So, I decided to make another one, in case you guys don’t have enough things to spend money on.

Let’s get started, shall we?


A Sufi and a Killer
-To Be Released March 9th-

When I heard this guy on the Flying Lotus record Los Angeles, I honestly thought it was some old 70’s soul/funk sample that had been dug up in a crate in Amoeba records or something. Turns out that this guy is a newcomer, alive and well in the 21st century. He’s also, erm, kind of batshit crazy, in a good way. His album, produced by The Gaslamp Killer (a Brainfeeder warrior along with FlyLo), sounds like the kind of record Cee-Lo would make if he had Broadcast as his backing band and an unlimited supply of weed at his disposal….

(Note: You can catch a sampler mix of his from last week’s Mary Anne Hobbs show…be quick about it, ’cause you only have until Wednesday night to listen to it before it gets pulled!
Aaand it’s gone. Happy Hunting!)


-To Be Released April 20th-

I’m sure I can speak for everyone here at SC when I say that Caribou is one of our favorite artists. No matter what style of music he’s done -IDM, Psych-Pop, Krautrock – he’s always kept it blissfully trippy. On his new record, if the latest single is any indication, Daniel Snaith dives into the Mutant Disco waters that produced NYC artists like James White, Liquid Liquid and, later on down the line, DFA Records. But really, who can say until the record drops?


Flying Lotus
-To Be Released May 4th-

The last 5 or 6 years have seen pretty significant avant hip-hop artists release albums that, for lack of a better term, “changed the game” for the surrounding  DJ’s and producers and had them scrambling back to their respective drawing boards. (See DJ Shadow, Prefuse 73, et al.) Flying Lotus, aka Steven Ellison, is one of those folks. He is the keystone in the ever-burgeoning L.A Glitch-Hop scene, founder of Brainfeeder records, and all-around Terminator when it comes to his live performances. I loved his last record, the phenomenal Los Angeles; I was also enthralled by the subsequent mixes and podcast he released. British DJ Mary Anne Hobbs called him the “Hendrix” of his field, and Cosmogramma might be his time to prove that the hype is justified.


Other new albums in the month of March to watch out for:

The Ruby SunsFight Softly (March 2nd, Sub Pop)
These New PuritiansHidden (March 2nd, Domino)
LiarsSisterworld (March 9th,  Mute)
GorillazPlastic Beach (March 9th, Virgin)
Jason CollettRat A Tat Tat (March 9th, Arts & Crafts)
Ted Leo & The PharmacistsThe Brutalist Bricks (March 9th, Matador)
Drive-By TruckersThe Big To Do (March 16th, ATO)
Autechre Oversteps (March 23rd, Warp)
Serena ManeeshS-M 2: Abyss in B-Minor (March 23rd, 4AD)
She & HimVolume Two (March 23rd, Merge)

Once again, big up to for their comprehensive release dates.

Go forth and listen!


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