Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival!!!!

You want to talk about there being nothing to do in Roanoke?! Well, how about we prove you wrong with the 2010 Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival!

Here’s a list of activities….

February 11th

  • Workshop with the Mosier Brothers at 3pm (Downtown Music Lab)
  • Marginal Arts Kick-Off Event at 4:59pm (Eleanor D. Wilson Museum, Hollins University)
  • “When Janey Comes Marching Home” 5pm (Eleanor D. Wilson Museum, Hollins University)
  • Stanley Lewis: 2010 Frances Nieder Artist-in-Residence, 6pm (Eleanor D. Wilson Museum, Hollins University)
  • Open Doors Conversation, 7pm (Claude Moore Auditorium)
  • Eugene Chadbourne, 8pm (Kirk Avenue Music Hall)

February 12th

  • Box Lunch Forum: South of the Clouds, Exploring the 25 Minority Ethnic Groups of Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, 12pm (Taubman Museum)
  • We Are Tiger Dragon People: Pop-Up Book Exhibit & Launch Party, 5pm (Taubman Museum)
  • An Immersive Environment, 5pm (Community High School)
  • Cows In A Field, 5pm (Warehouse Row)
  • Fleda A. Ring: Compilation 2010, 5pm (Fine Arts Studio & Gallery)
  • Sew Me Up, 6pm (Dialog Gallery, 208 4th St.)
  • Christine Carr: Portal, 7pm (O. Winston Link Museum)
  • Nosferatu scored live by the Magic Twig Community with reading by Jack Pendarvis, 7:30pm (the Old Church on Church, on the corner of 5th Ave & Church Ave)
  • The Mosier Brothers with Blue Mule, 8pm (Kirk Avenue Music Hall)
  • The Marginal Arts Arena Spectacular & Circus Exposition, 9pm (at the Water Heater, 5th Ave)

February 13th

  • Sidewalk Chalk, 8:45am (Market Square, Downtown)
  • A Postmodern Happening, an all day event (Community High School)
  • The Second Annual Marginal Arts Festival Parade, 10:30am (Campbell & 1st St.)
  • Emerging Artists Series: Patsy Bessolo & Oinker, 1pm (Downtown Library)
  • Living Sculpture, 7pm (the Water Heater)
  • Miss Lucy, Folk Opera (concert teaser), 8pm (Dumas)
  • Night Cafe, 8:30pm (the Water Heater)

February 14th

  • A Swarm Of Arts, 12pm (Community High School)
  • The Year Of The Tiger Celebration, 2pm (Taubman Museum)
  • Pop-Up Postcard Workshop with Artist Colette Fu, 2:15pm (Taubman Museum)
  • Corporeal Projections: Multi-Media Installation, 5pm (the Water Heater)
  • Michael Martone & Moira Crone, 8pm (Wyndham Roberston Library, Hollins University)

February 15th

  • Master Class, 12am (O. Winston Link Museum)
  • Absurdist Tips, 10am (Community High School)
  • Right to Shoes Workshop, 2pm (the Water Heater)
  • Right to Shoes Workshop, 3pm (the Water Heater)
  • Participate! Potluck & Art Swap!, 5pm (the Water Heater)

February 16th

  • Fat Tuesday Celebration, 7pm (Fitzpatrick Hall, Jefferson Center)

You can obtain more information on the festival’s website HERE!

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