Daily Archives: December 22, 2009

Who we are and what we want to do

“Well, what do we have?”

It was the question that started the blog. One of us brought it up; to know if there was a publication in Roanoke dedicated to covering underground music and art. Richmond has RVA, and most major cities have their alternative weekly mags.  But, Roanoke seemed to be lagging behind.

So, the three of us (Lance, Sean and Wil) came up with an idea. Why don’t we just start a blog ourselves? It would be a way of documenting all the ideas and the creative people that were around us, giving recognition to those that we knew and inviting others to join in.

We tinkered around with the idea, and out came “[A] Scenic Recovery”. It’s a modest little blog (for the moment), but we hope that you, our readers, will get to know us and rely upon us to know what bands to check out, what shows you might want to go to, and who’s been making good films in your area.  We hope to fill the gap in covering ‘all things local in the Roanoke Valley (and beyond)’…

At the moment, our primary focus will be on local musicians in the Roanoke area, including Lynchburg, Blacksburg, Floyd and various areas in Southwest Virginia. In the future, we hope to be able to feature local filmmakers, artists, and other interesting folk that may not grace the pages of the regional print publications, but should still warrant your attention.

But it starts with you. Yes, you reading this. Right now. Let us know about any creative folk in your neighborhood! Email us at ScenicRecovery@gmail.com. We’re ready to hear from you.

And now, let the blogging commence…

The Scenic Recovery team